Are you struggling to gain clients?
You might be driving clients away without even knowing it.

How would your business change if you had qualified prospects that couldn’t wait to work with you?

Download this checklist and find out if you are client attractive.
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“I know I need to be online, but I’m not sure how to do it.”
If your online presence needs help. Don’t worry! I can help you fix it!
Hi! I’m LaTisha. I'm the Solutions Strategist for  business owners ready to build an online presence so you can effortlessly gain clients online. 

I went from testing everything to earning five figure months in less than a year and created location and time freedom with clients all over the U.S.
[suh-loo-shuh n] [strat-i-jist] 
“The Solutions Strategist is the person who determines how to solve a company problem, be it low income or a drop in visitors to the company website, and then puts the plan into action.”
“I thought that when I turned my website on, clients would come rushing in.”

Does that sound like you?

While there is a way to gain a flow of clients, it takes a bit of work first.

Do you ever feel like there’s so much out there and you don’t know where to start?
If so, I’m here to help you build an online presence that serves one clear purpose, helping you gain more clients.

I can help you create a system that allows you to work with clients remotely so you can have location freedom instead of spending the day driving to client meetings.

I can help you package your expertise into a course or a workshop that you can deliver to many completely online so you can serve more clients without increasing your time commitment.
If this sounds like you...
  •    You have a successful service based business, but driving to client meetings is draining the life from you.
  •    You want to be able to schedule your work around your life and not squeeze your life into the spare moments you have when you’re not working.
  •    You can handle finding clients offline, but the whole online world confuses you. HTTP-what?
  •    OR... you tried getting online but didn't get the results you were expecting.
Building a presence online is different from traditional marketing.

For example, sending out letters via the Post Office translates to sending emails online.

And you can easily determine who opened your emails and if they clicked the link to go to your website or offer page.

Making cold calls to drum up business is a thing of the past when you can sit in front of your camera and record a presentation that can do the heavy lifting for you.

It’s about moving from chasing down clients to drawing more clients to you. 
You're in the Right Place!
After working together...
  •    You will have an online presence that serves one clear purpose, being your digital client attraction machine.
  •    You get location freedom, enabling you to work remotely with clients from all over the country, and the world.
  •    You will be able to duplicate yourself by packaging your expertise into a course or a workshop that you can deliver to many completely online, or in person if you choose.
  •    You will have the streamlined systems you need to run this all in a lean operation.
How to Gain 3 New Clients in 30 DAYS
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