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I don't have a budget.
These days I save and spend without a budget because I don't have to worry about debt.

But I used to have one.

When I had over $32,000 of debt.

Between my credit card and my car loan, I felt crushed.

So I created a 3 year freedom plan. (Some might call it a budget.)

In 3 years, 
  • I eliminated over $32,000 worth of debt
  • Invested for retirement
  • Started a profitable business.
None of that would have happened if I hadn't planned out my dollars.

You see, a budget simply gives each dollar a job.

And that is why I created this budget planner. 

With this planner, you will see an overall picture of your financial situation.

And you'll know exactly where to reassign those dollars to reach your financial goals.

Then you can have the freedom to break from a budget if you want.

Financial freedom starts with this planner. 
Your Financial Goals + This Budget Planner =
Travel when you want...
Start your own business...
Purchase a home...
"This one-page planner is exactly what I needed! 
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*I don't even eat spam.*